Japanese nuru massage – how do you further prolong its benefits? 5 ways to make your pleasure last longer

There’s no doubt that the potential of a Japanese nuru massage is tremendous. There are ample reasons people are flocking to receive this treatment, and a huge erotic satisfaction is merely one of them. The sensations this procedure can elicit range from deep relaxation to an elated ecstasy, and the overall “vibe” can linger long everything is done. Read on if you wish to learn how make it last for as long as possible!

Japanese nuru massage is a real stand-out among its peers

In case you didn’t know – or wish to refresh your knowledge – this therapy is unique in that it employs the whole body to provide a much more sensual quality to your experience. But it’s not just close body-to body touch, smoothened by the exquisite nori seaweed gel, which makes this so widely sought-after. Nuru is lauded for both its immediate and long-term benefits, such as:

  •   Mood calming
  •   Relief from long-term stress and anxious thoughts
  •   Improved sleep
  •   Boosted immune system
  •   Better mental control and sexual discipline
  •   Lowering of high blood pressure
  •   Increased sexual drive and appetite
  •   Improved sexual control, help with erectile dysfunctions

And so on and so on… Do you wish to make these benefits stay with you for as long as possible? Well, there are useful tricks to enable you to do just that! Follow the following advice to really make the most out of your nuru experience!

Shutting your eyes can heighten the pleasure

You should clear your head and concentrate solely on the immediate sensation without any distraction! Closing your eyes – or asking for a blindfold can really help you with that. Shutting of one sense can even heighten the others, as has been proven in studies conducted with blind people. Though you won’t probably reach the same level of sense enhancement, it’s nevertheless worth a try, if for nothing more than improved concentration!

Get plenty of rest afterwards

Though it may not seem so, a massage like this can be a bit demanding, not only on your masseuse’s part, but on your part also. You’ll be taught to keep a sharp focus on what you’re feeling, breathe correctly, and your senses will be, in a way, “overloaded”. The result may be a slight, but pleasant exhaustion. It’s important to allow yourself a plenty of free time afterwards to rest and process what just happened to you. Your massage will be so much better for it if you can relish in the lingering feeling for a while instead of immediately rushing to your work and responsibilities!

Staying hydrated is paramount

Since massages stimulate the bodily systems, speed up the blood flow and cause the so far less active or inactive cells to work faster and thus produce more waste. To help with flushing the toxins from the body properly, it’s important to drink plenty of water after your session is over. You’ll feel better than ever before!

Repeat your session multiple times to really make it count

Trying it one time may not simply cut it that much. Although you’re guaranteed to feel some improvement, if you really wish to indulge in the effects of a nuru massage, you should consider getting more of it and start accumulating its benefits. Make nuru a part of your routine and you’re bound to feel much better long-term!

Adjust your diet so that you don’t let the effects go waste

Keeping in line with the detoxifying impact your nuru massage provides, your diet should be adjusted accordingly. There’s no reason to immediately start polluting your body again with unhealthy food, is there? This should rather be an opportunity to start living healthy again! You can try these tips to start your healthy diet journey.

These are some of the tried and tested methods for increasing the enjoyment you get from your nuru massage. Let’s hope you try them yourself!

There are many different ways to increase the enjoyment and the aftereffects of your rubdown, be it an erotic one or not. Which would you personally recommend? Would you attest to any of those mentioned here? Feel free to discuss below!